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What Makes Our Products Different

"It's all in the ingredients"

Frequently we are asked about the difference between our products and other products in the market; markedly products that are sold as mock meat or analog meats (see our previous blog with the topic- “Our Position Regarding Analog Meats”

Recently, and in response to a request by one of our agents/customers aiming to work on the marketing plan for their region, they asked if we could shortlist points of comparison between Syndian products and other brands that are prevalent in the market- including the Australian. Despite our initial expectation, the list grows much longer than we first anticipated.

We need to point out, that the list does not compare Syndian products with one single another brand, but rather an ‘average’ of several most common brands in the market.

Some of the concepts we use in this comparison, for example, “Ultra-Processed”, “minimum processing” or “highly palatable” is derived from Nova Food Classification System, which examines and differentiates food products to four levels based on their degree of processing: Level 1 being non-processed or minimally processed, to Level 4 being ultra-processed. According to Nova Food Classification System, there is a positive coloration between the consumption of ultra-processed foods to the prevalence of non-communicable diseases including Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, Obesity, Cancer, Mental Health, and more.


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