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Where To Buy

You can find Syndian frozen and chilled products at various retailers, including Coles, Harris Farms, Woolworths, various IGAs, Health food stores and specialty pharmacies.

Coles Supermarkets:

Found in most Coles Supermarkets in the frozen aisle, plus selected Coles stores with designated kosher sections and online.

Harris Farms:

An excellent range of Syndian Products in frozen and chilled isles, including chilled sausages, a large variety of Dips and frozen Burgers and Bites.


Woolworth Supermarket: currently found in Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) online only in the following centres: Woolworths CFC Brookvale (1393), Woolworths CFC Caringbah (8882). Woolworths CFC Lidcombe Manual (8881). Woolworths CFC Mascot (1800). Woolworths CFC Melbourne West (3800). Woolworths CFC Notting Hill (3433), these centres service surrounding suburbs; for the complete list of suburbs serviced by the CFC, Click here.

WholeLife Pharmacy and Health Food: Based in QLD with some branches in NSW and VIC, a great spot for your Syndian Shopping, with various items including frozen burgers, sausages and curries.

Ritchie’s Supermarkets: You can find a good range of frozen Burgers, chilled sausages and schnitzels, based in VIC but with some stores in NSW.

IGA’s: Many local IGA’s carry Syndian Products; you can find them in the frozen and the chilled isles. We recommend contacting the store directly to find out what Syndian Products they range. 

Ryan’s Supa IGA: Part of the IGA group with selected Syndian items such as chilled sausages, Schnitzels, burgers and Dips.


Local Health, Wholefood and organic stores: try your local health food, Wholefood or organic stores; You can find many Syndian products in various independent health food stores; for more details, please get in touch with us.


Marley Spoon: if you are interested in planned meals, Marley Spoon ranges some of our products under the Plant Based category.


Are all of your products gluten-free?


Yes, All products are gluten-free, and our manufacturing facilities are completely gluten-free.

Are all of your products plant-based?


Yes - all of our products are Vegan.

That is, free from any animal products (including meat, poultry, fish, egg, dairy, and honey. 

Why is there sometimes minor inconsistency in your products’ shapes and flavours?

Cooking with natural products means that the flavours and textures differ from crop to crop, depending on where they are grown.


Because Syndian does not use additives, supplements, enhancers, emulsifiers, flavourings, binders, preservatives, colouring or boosters, the final product depends on the natural ingredients used.

Do you use any artificial flavourings in your products?

No - Syndian's products are free from additives, supplements, enhancers, emulsifiers, flavourings, binders, preservatives, colouring and boosters.

Does Syndian use Australian ingredients in their products?

Syndian uses local produce where possible; however, some products have to be purchased from overseas as they are not grown in Australia, e.g. cumin from India.

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