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Syndian Vegan Sausages

Introducing our new range of products - Vegan Sausages!
Over the years we've always been asked to create plant-based veggie sausages, and we're finally delivering the goodies.

These sausages revolutionise meat alternatives, as we have a strong focus on our philosophy of real food and real ingredients. 

  • Our sausages are ALL Vegan, Gluten Free, All Natural (no artificial preservatives, additives, binders etc), and Non-GMO Certified.

  • They are ALL also Soy free - we believe this is important, as many of our customers have allergies to soy or choose not to eat it.

  • They are all also onion free, with one (Italian Sun-dried Tomato) being garlic free as well. This is great for our low FODMAP/Fructose friends.

  • Ready made and easy to use - even a hit with the children!

  • Extremely versatile - use them as a hot-dog alternative, in wraps, with a veggie roast, cut up on pasta and salads... the options are endless.

Our best selling
plant based, vegan, gluten free sausages

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At Syndian we are delighted by the fact that not only are our gluten-free and vegan products enjoyed by people with special dietary needs but are also popular with other people who enjoy eating quality food.


We believe food should be nutritious, taste great and most of all be fun!

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