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Quality Vegan, Gluten Free Products For The Food Industry

Syndian Food Service provision has been an important solution provider for many businesses for more than 19 years.


We manufacture an impeccable variety of products to become a corner stone in your food business offering.

Whether you are a restaurant or a café serving an a la carte menu, a take away shop feeding large crowds in a rush, a hospital or school canteen interested in portion control and healthy clean ingredients, an event caterer looking to stand out from the crowd without ‘breaking the budget'- or all the above;


Syndian has it all. 

All gluten free, 100% natural and 100% plant based,

available in convenient bulk sizes, our products are engineered to facilitate ease of preparation and keep you focused on the important things

… servicing your customers.

Our Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten Free Range Includes

  • Dips: a large variety of dips are available in convenient 2kg containers as a chilled stock item, enjoying the same shelf life as the retail products. 10kg or 20kg are also available on request.

  • Burgers: our burger range including the Wholegrain Range Burgers are available in Cryovac bags, frozen and ready to be used. Our burgers have been engineered to be re-heated without the need for defrosting- thus cutting down on preparation steps significantly while contributing to waste minimization. Available in 12 burgers per bag as a stock item. Also available 50-100 burgers in a lined box on request.

  • Patties/Sliders:  all our patties are available in 1kg Cryovac bag, frozen and ready to use. No further cooking is required- just reheat without defrosting.  Available in 1kg (approx. 30 pcs) as a stock item, or a 5kg-10kg lined box on request.

  • Bites:  all our Bites are available in 1kg Cryovac bags, frozen and ready to use- just re-heat as per your preferred method. Available in 1kg (approx.80 pcs) or a 5kg-10kg lined box on request.

  • Sausages: enjoy 6 different flavours of our sausages (4 flavours available for retail), conveniently packed in 1kg Cryovac bags, frozen with no need to defrost. You can reheat via microwave, pan fry or BBQ. 1kg (approx. 20 sausages) packs available as a stock item. 5kg-10kg lined box available on request. Mini Sausages at 25g each to suit your customer needs are available on request.

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Syndian Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten Free Curries

Our Famous Plant Based, Vegan, Gluten Free Curries

  • Curries: 4 authentic Indian curry flavours created from scratch by our chefs without compromise on tradition and flavours and made from 100% natural ingredients- our curries are next to none. Available in 2kg frozen Cryovac bags, they can be defrosted or reheated from the freezer in boiling water or microwave.

  • Soups: 3 delicious flavours, Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Moroccan Lentil, and Middle Eastern Chickpea- perhaps more a meal than just a soup. Made from 100% natural ingredients and uniquely flavoured, our hearty soups are conveniently packed in 2kg Cryovac bags, ready to be reheated in boiling water or microwave.  All available on request.

Just a Few Ideas On How To Serve Our Plant Based,  Vegan, Gluten Free Foods

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