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Gluten Free, Plant Based, Dairy Free

Just like all of our products, Syndian dips are plant-based, Gluten Free, All Natural, with no preservatives or additives, Soy Free, Non-GMO, and made fresh weekly. Having no preservatives means a shorter shelf-life than your average supermarket dip, however they are FREEZER FRIENDLY! Just let them defrost, stir up, and devour. 

Enjoy these incredibly versatile dips a number of ways - as a spread, a dip with crackers or fresh veggies, in your Buddha bowls, on nachos, as a salad dressing, a traditional condiment, or even by the spoon. 

If you want to see Syndian dips in your local, make sure to let both us and them know of your interest. 

Check out the store locator below.


Remember that not every stockist will have the full range, and if you're after a specific flavour it is best to contact them directly to check if they have it. 

Disclaimer: Within the ever-changing market, our dips might not be present in all of the listed stores at all times. It is always best to contact your chosen stockist directly to make sure they have them. 

Purchase our Wholefood Vegan Dips in store or online

At Syndian we are delighted by the fact that not only are our gluten-free and vegan products enjoyed by people with special dietary needs but are also popular with other people who enjoy eating quality food.


We believe food should be nutritious, taste great and most of all be fun!

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