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Spicy Smoked Chipotle Sausages


Brown Rice, Polenta, Millet, Cashew, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Red Bell Pepper, 5%

(Paprika, Smoked Paprika, Chipotle Chilli), Salt, Nutritional Yeast, Flaxseed Meal,

Psyllium Husk, Garlic, Chilli Flakes, Pepper, Sausage Casing: Plant based natural


Allergens: Contains Cashew Nuts.

Soy and Onion Free.

At Syndian we are delighted by the fact that not only are our gluten-free and vegan products enjoyed by people with special dietary needs but are also popular with other people who enjoy eating quality food.


We believe food should be nutritious, taste great and most of all be fun!

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