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It is with pleasure; we announce the creation of our Online Store. Since commencement 20 years ago, we have focused on selling our products via regular food retail channels; this shift signifies a major landmark in our approach to the market with the realization that online shopping has become a compulsory tool to many people in obtaining their weekly groceries.

With the recent events surrounding Covid-19, people became a witness and active articipants in changing retail patterns; this taught us here at Syndian, the importance of versatility and agility in our approach toward facilitating the reach of our customers to our products especially those who depend on our products on a daily basis.

Our online store has a separate website for Syndian. Here you can find all of what Syndian offers through the normal retails channels as well as many more, this includes new products that are offered exclusively via an online store, products like new Ready-Meals, new Sausage variations, a new Crumbed Schnitzel and Nuggets, and the soon to be introduced our Dessert Dips. Another great feature is our Party Pack, if you require bulk quantities, either in the dip range or any of the burgers, patties or bites; this is an option worth exploring.

We are creating a website with many user-friendly features; you can browse through the product categories, products, nutritional panel information and full listing of ingredients. You can choose products at any time whilst browsing. To complete your purchase you need to provide your address, contact details, and your preferred method of payment- be it any card payment or PayPal.

We have built a menu which caters to busy individuals and families who seek basic healthy food to support their day-to-day nutritional needs, yet without compromise on taste, health, and ease of preparation. Our meals are nutritionally balanced, made from basic, whole and minimally processed ingredients. As it is Syndian tradition, all our products are gluten free, veagn and made from 100% natural, we did not use any Ultra-processed ingredients, we carefully select our ingredients and the method of processing to ensure an outcome with the most natural food product. For more details on our Ethos please read her.

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