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SUPER GREEN PASTA - Guest post by @sydneyveganguide

Super Green Pasta, feat. Syndian Super Green Falafel Bites


1 lemon juiced

2 crushed garlic cloves

60grams of spinach and rocket

2 tbsp of olive oil

¼ cup water

2 tbsp of Syndian Tahini

1 tbsp of nutritional yeast

Handful of nuts or seeds

1bsp salt and pepper OTHERS:

1 box of Sydnian supergreen falafels

500grams of gluten free pasta

250g of chopped green beans (I used fresh)

2 zucchinis sliced

1tsp of chilli flakes

METHOD: -Chop all your zucchini and beans if you haven't done already

-Add all the sauce ingredients into a blender or nutribullet and pulse until creamy and smooth and set aside.

-Boil water and cook pasta as instructed (I took mine out 1 minute before it was meant to be finished). -Cook up green falafels until brown. To make them extra crunchy throw them in the oven.

-Whilst they are cooking, pan fry the zucchini and beans in a separate pan with a splash of olive oil and chilli flakes. Cook for 5 minutes until brown.

-Once pasta is cooked, strain and then add back into saucepan and tip in your green sauce and pan fried vegetables. Heat on low for 1-2 minutes until sauce is green and everything is mixed together. -Serve on pasta in a bowl and top with chopped falafels, vegan parmesan or additional nutritional yeast.

Hope you enjoy this recipe, it honestly was deeeeelish!

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