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NEW PRODUCT: Super Green Falafel Bites!

We are so pleased to announce our new product: Super Green Falafel Bites!

We're going back to our roots, and doing what we do best, by providing authentic and traditional foods in the way they're meant to be consumed - all natural, no nasties, full of flavour, and made with love.

Much like the rest of our products, the Super Green Falafel Bites contain no artificial preservatives, flavours, colours, or binders. They're Gluten Free, Vegan, and free from Palm and Canola Oils. As well as this, they have the added burst of flavour and nutrition from the coriander, fresh parsley, and fenugreek. Trust us, the taste is incredible.

We channelled the traditional Middle Eastern process, whilst ensuring that the consistency is nourishing, succulent, and satisfying. This bite size is perfect for any meal - on wraps, burgers, salads, pasta... the list is endless.

They will be available very soon in Coles Supermarket and other Independents! We will let you know when they're in store. Make sure you head in to the freezer aisle and check them out - let us know what you think.


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