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New Logo Alert!

That's right - after sixteen years, we've decided to change up the logo.

This new fresh design doesn't stray too far from our traditional one, but as can be seen we now have an addition, symbolising an oak tree.

For those interested in what the tree means, we have two reasons;

1. As many know, Syndian is a family-run company with all members contributing to creating amazing products for the public. You guessed it - there's five of us! Five branches to represent our unity.

2. From the beginning, Syndian has been focused on creating natural food, working with the Earth and not against it. That's why we believe the beautiful oak tree symbolises our ethical values and our love for environment and society.

This new logo is currently featured on our new Veggie Sausages line, but will soon roll out on all of the packaging in the near future. We apologise for any confusion caused by the inconsistency across products. We hope you enjoy our little change!


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