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Why Syndian Seeks Halal and Kosher Certification

To many, it may seem odd that we at Syndian Natural Food Products seek Halal and Kosher certification. As all of the products produced by us are vegan, why should we look to gain this important registration for our products? After all, don’t the Muslim and Jewish dietary laws refer to the way meat is prepared?

The answer is yes... and no.

While strict guidelines for the preparation of meat for consumption by Muslims and those of the Jewish faith is a key part of Halal and Kosher laws, the two sets of dietary rules both have their roots in vegan cuisine. Indeed Kosher laws and vegan food go hand in hand as there are a number of rules -- such as the prohibiting of mixing meat and dairy products — and regarding the sterilising of cooking utensils such as pots and pans.

Kosher certification is therefore important to those who eat vegan and wish to ensure there has been no contamination by any meat or animal by-products. Kosher laws provide this assurance to those who follow such a lifestyle.

The same applies to Halal certification. Rules governing this form of dietary adherence ensure the food products so registered are of a high standard, with Halal representing Tayyeb, meaning pure, nutritious and wholesome. Halal certification ensures the foods are produced using the finest industry practices and are free from any contamination with meat.

The certification of Halal and Kosher dietary requirements are very relevant to ensuring the quality of our vegan products and a guarantee that they are completely free of contamination with meat. At Syndian Natural Food Products we take our commitment to providing nutritious and healthy food seriously. By adding Halal and Kosher certification, we aim to simplify the process, allowing those that follow these laws to enjoy Syndian products.

At Syndian we have always worked under strict ethical guidelines in sourcing and manufacturing, having our products certified kosher and halal have added assurance that our sourced ingredient meet our high standards and are free from any animal by-products.


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