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Maintaining Your Child's Healthy Diet with Syndian

A healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone no matter what their age however it is more so in young children. According to the Mayo Clinic, children need a variety of healthy foods to obtain the nutrients they require as their bodies grow and develop. The benefits of natural foods, with their higher nutrient content, over sugary and unhealthy over-processed foods is therefore obvious.

There is much evidence now that additives in excess may lead to hyperactivity in young children. To help prevent this, it is important to not only limit the amount of sugar in drinks but also the harmful additives in food. A recent study in the medical journal The Lancet found that a number of common food dyes and preservatives tend to increase hyperactivity in children while also making them more easily distracted.

Keeping your young child on a healthy diet is more than just reading the labels and taking care to provide all natural foods with no nasty additives. It is also teaching your child to enjoy the taste of natural food. Keep the cupboard stocked with healthy and nutritious foods such as Syndian Natural Food Products with plenty of good fruits and vegetables to aid their mental and physical development. Take time to learn the changing nutrient requirements of your child as he/she grows and keep them informed of their changing needs.

Healthy eating habits taught young may well have the effect of continuing into the youngster’s teenage years and adulthood. Not to mention the knowledge being passed on to a new generation!

We at Syndian Natural Food Products pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver to our customers high quality, natural foods which have received the minimum of processing. Because of our care and attention to making our foods the best, the nutrient content is maximised.

Whether you are feeding yourself or your young family, consider trying our range of natural foods. Sourced mainly from Australian producers, you can find more information about us here.


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