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Talking About the Healthy, Humble Falafel

One of the most popular items sold by Syndian Natural Food Products is the humble, yet superbly tasty, falafel.

Sold in bite-sized pieces the falafels are a mix of chickpea, fava bean, potato, garlic and spices which not only taste great (and are easy to cook) but have little fat and sugar, making them a wonderfully healthy, vegetarian alternative.

Thanks to multiculturalism, the falafel is now widespread throughout Australia and is recognised as an important food source particularly amongst vegans and vegetarians. However this hasn’t always been the case. Like many foods introduced by immigrants, its consumption was generally restricted to the communities of origin prior to the explosion of interest in international cuisine in Australia during the 1970s, 80s and beyond.

While its specific origins may be disputed, the falafel has been described as the staple diet of the Middle East and can be dated back to Biblical times. Some have pinpointed the emergence of the falafel as being among the Copts of Egypt where the dish was served as an alternative for meat during the season of Lent. The recipe likely accompanies the widespread growing of chickpeas, which is first documented as being grown around 20,000 years ago. This makes the legumes one of the first staple foods on record.

However like any fine recipes, the falafel recipe has spread with variations, first throughout the Middle East, and then to the world where it has been developed and changed according to national taste. Israel has adopted the falafel as its national dish and prizes are regularly awarded to competing food outlets. The falafel often features prominently on the country’s tourist promotion material. North America has adopted the falafel with great enthusiasm, as has Australia.

Are you thinking of cooking up a plate of falafels for lunch or dinner? Adding salad with pita or Lebanese bread? Perhaps accompanied with some vegetables and tabbouli and tahini sauce? Why not try Syndian’s excellent range of natural food products (including the fabulous falafels)?


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