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Three NEW Wholegrain Patties

We are excited to announce that after long time of development we will be releasing our new range of patties and nuggets using more wholegrain than ever before, available early 2010.


  • Mediterranean Wholegrain Patties

  • Curried Veg' & Wholegrain Patties

  • Spicy Wholegrain & Veg’ Patties

Each patty and nugget is made from Brown Rice, Millet and Buckwheat, along with the freshest of vegetables and an array of fresh herbs and spices, each patty has been created with a unique flavour of it own. Like all of Syndian other burger patties and bites, these new products are cooked in Rice Bran Oil, they are gluten and dairy free and this time they are onion and garlic free.

These new products will be:

  • Gluten free

  • Dairy free

  • Garlic free

  • Onion free

  • Preservative free

  • Yeast free

  • No artificial colouring

  • Consistent with our tradition of minimum processing

  • Vegan/vegetarian

They are fully cooked ready to heat and serve.


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