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Cooking with natural products means a higher inconsistency in the finished product

Cooking with natural products means that the flavours and textures differ from crop to crop, depending on where they are grown etc. Because Syndian does not use any additives, supplements, enhancers, emulsifiers, flavourings, binders, preservatives colouring or boosters the final products depend on the natural products used.

Canada is one of the biggest producers of green lentils

Canadian lentil production for the 2009/10 year was a record 1.5 million metric tonnes.

Syndian Falafel

Falafel was one of the first products produced by Syndian and still making them the way they were first made.

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Syndian products can be found in most Coles, Woolworths Stores, Thomas Dux outlets and IGA outlets around Australia, as well as at selected Harris Farm Markets, in many health food, organic and wholefood stores, in independent supermarkets and some delicatessens.

To find the retailers with Syndian products closest to you, contact:

Become a Stockist

To become a stockist of Syndian products please contact:

You can also visit us in our factory outlet for your personal shopping and some display ideas.

All our products are distributed in Australia by Whole Food Distributors (associated with SAMA group). We also export.

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