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Syndian Natural Foods is now offering home delivery!

Due to the uncertain times we are experiencing as a whole, Syndian recognises the difficulties many individuals and families are facing in accessing their day to day needs in groceries and food supplies. We also recognise that special dietary food products, such as Gluten Free and Vegan, are even harder to find in some areas due to supply and logistical issues.

In an effort to support our communities, we want to offer home delivery of our products, particularly for those who have accessibility issues to groceries and Syndian products.

As we are all learning how to get through this, one step at a time, we would like to start this service in NSW (Sydney Metropolitan area) and VIC (Melbourne Metropolitan area). We will endeavour to expand the areas in these states, as we will be continuously evaluating the demand. We are also hoping to expand this service to other states as soon as we overcome logistical hurdles.

How to order

To simplify the process please download our pdf price list file here or check out this page, choose the products and the number of units you wish to order on the far right column. Fill out your details at the bottom of the file and email back to (you can also scan and email).

Alternatively, just call us at our offices on 02-45777551.

  • For Sydney: Place order by Tuesday (end of day) to have delivered that week (either Wednesday or Thursday delivery)

  • For Melbourne: Place order by Monday (end of day) to have delivered that week (Thursday or Friday delivery)

As we pick up and learn, we hope to eventually deliver multiple days of the week. We aim to make this process as simple and accessible as possible, so we’re always open to suggestions too.

How to a make payment

Due to the speedy manner we are setting this service, our payment method will be restricted to either EFT or credit card payment – please indicate on the form your preference. We will endeavour to expand the payment methods to pay online, PayPal and other services.

Minimum order

The delivery fee is $15 to all areas and minimum order is $50. Any purchase over $100 will qualify for free delivery. There is no contract and you can order anytime you wish. However, if you are financially impacted and aren't able to meet minimum order amount, please don’t hesitate to contact us for consideration. Alternatively, you can apply for our Syndian Family Support offer.

How would I receive my order?

Depending on your location, your order will be delivered either in a sturdy cardboard box via refrigerated vehicle or temperature proof sturdy box via regular courier. Delivery will be made to your nominated address, and is best to store in the fridge or a freezer (depending on your order) as soon as you receive it. If you know the address will not be attended, please make note of that on your order. Please have an Esky with ice or cooling pads inside, in a safe and shaded area. Our driver will place your box in the esky - our box size is L:450mm W:305mm H:280mm.

We will ensure best practices in health and safety are followed.

Please note

We have been in the process of planning the Syndian Online Store for the past nine months. Due to current circumstances, we have decided to modify and accelerate this plan by offering home delivery in the meantime. We will still be working on creating the best customer-friendly online service that will include exclusive online Syndian products - stay tuned!

In order for us to improve our services, your feedback and suggestions are extremely crucial to us. We will try to fix any rising issues as soon as possible. This also means we are intending to revisit our terms as frequently as needed to ensure the best offer is available to the community. Thank you for your understanding.


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