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Syndian Sausages now in Coles!

From July 1st 2019, our Cheezy Kale & Cashew Sausages, and our Spicy Smoked Chipotle Sausages will be available in 450 Coles Supermarket stores nationwide. Thanks to your continued support, we are now able to make these two amazing products more available and accessible to you.

Our vegan sausage line is not only Gluten Free and Soy Free, but it is also completely Natural - meaning no numbers, nasties, or binders. Just pure goodness. So easy to cook up, and can be enjoyed in so many different ways.

Be sure to share the good news with all of your friends! What a momentous occasion, particularly for the vegan community, and for all those after nutritious wholesome foods. Thank you for being part of our mission and journey with us.

Much love, The Syndian Team.


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