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The Controversy Over GM Foods Explained

Part of the Syndian Natural Food Products promise to you the customer is to endeavour to bring you natural, high quality foods in which processing has been kept to an absolute minimum. This means we are committed to selling products which have not been genetically modified.

From our website: “At Syndian we will not knowingly use any GMO products. Most of our ingredients are certified GMO free such as all soy and canola (wheat and maize are not used as an ingredient in our manufacturing).”

But what are genetically modified foods? These are foods which are derived from genetically modified organisms which have had changes made to their DNA structure through genetic engineering. Genetic modification may be carried out to increase the yield of the seed or make it more resistant to pests.

Why the controversy over the use of GM foods in our diet?

The sale of GM foods has created great controversy around the world with a number of anti-GM activist groups protesting against genetically modified foods being introduced into our system. There have even been reports of activists attempting to destroy trial GM crops. But why the opposition? Why the passionate protests?

Opposition to GM foods centres around a number of areas from concerns over unknown health risks to humans, to problems over the mixing of genes amongst organisms, to the very real problem over copyright over the world foods being owned by a few large agricultural companies.

Another area of major conflict is the fact that genetically modified foods often are poorly labelled as such, if at all. The consumers’ right to select natural food over genetically modified foods is compromised by not being able to recognise GM foods in their packaging.

Play it safe, buy Syndian

As mentioned, we at Syndian Natural Food Products look to play safe with our foods. Our products are derived from natural sources which have no genetic modification. We seek GM free certification where we can and actively look to “ guarantees for other ingredients which either claim to be a non GMO product or have no classification.”


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