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Why We Keep Processing to the Minimum

We at Syndian Natural Food Products pride ourselves on our commitment to sell natural food suitable for people who lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, gluten intolerants and the general public who are interested in healthy and natural food products. In line with one of our company’s core beliefs that the more food is processed the more it loses its nutritional value, our products are made as natural as possible with processing kept to a minimum.

Over-processed foods though have become an almost ubiquitous part of our modern way of living. These products have often been packaged and usually altered from their natural state to increase their shelf life and improve their ability to travel long distances. They may have preservatives added to prolong their “life”.

While there are some benefits of processed food, including longer shelf life and some protection for people with allergies, a diet high in highly processed foods is regarded in some quarters as having a possible negative impact on our health. Here at Syndian we avoid over processed foods in favour of natural foods because we believe that the more a food is processed, the more nutrients are destroyed.

Most dieticians promote a natural food diet, and will recommend as little processing as possible as it is usually the extent of food processing that determines the nutrient level. (more information here). This is backed by ongoing research (for further reading see The World’s Healthiest Foods).

For health and flavour Syndian Natural Food Products sells natural products which have had processing cut to the minimum to maximise nutrients and natural flavour.


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