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Value Remains the Same Despite Variations

Syndian is committed to delivering quality, healthy and natural foods fit for the entire family. However as we use only natural products which include no additives, supplements, enhancers, emulsifiers, flavourings, binders, preservatives or colouring, it may sometimes occur that the varying characteristics of different crops may slightly influence factors such as flavour, texture and product weight.

This can depend on a number of factors including where the crop was sourced and, in some cases, may make details contained on the packaging incorrect.

This appears to have been the case with two of our products where we have found the number of “bites” contained in the box to be less than that listed on the packaging. This is due to the new season’s chickpeas on one hand and brown rice and carrots on the other being “heavier” than normal.

However though the estimated number may differ to that contained in the packet the overall weight of our packaged product remains consistent, ensuring you get the same weight and continued value for money.

We apologise for the discrepancy and wish to advise that we are currently working to rectify this irregularity. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.


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