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Syndian Survey Part 2: Views on Natural Food

What does natural mean to you? Part 2

In our recent natural foods survey*, we asked you how you would describe the word natural (when talking about food products).

While most respondents responded with phrases like “not processed” and “free of additives and preservatives”, there were a number of unexpected yet often valid answers.

For example, many respondents associated ‘natural foods’ with going back to basics, minimal ingredients and cooking from scratch, with responses such as:

  • “If I can’t pronounce it I won’t buy it”.

  • “I follow the rule that the less ingredients are listed the more natural the product generally is”.

  • “Something I could make myself, without adding preservatives, etc.”.

  • “Not man made”

A few respondents also showed scepticism about the concept of natural foods:

  • “I tend to ignore the word natural as uranium and cow poo are natural”.

  • “What isn’t natural, one chemical is natural and another isn’t?”.

  • “Warning to look for green washing”.

Read part one of this article for the other survey results.

* The survey, which was promoted through Facebook, Twitter and email, was completed by 69 people.

Disclaimer: While this survey only captured the opinions of a very small group of people, we found the results interesting and therefore we wanted to share them with you. We would welcome similar research to be completed on a larger scale.


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